Alaska Permafrost series, 'Tumbling Forests of the North’ is a multimedia project illuminating how recent climate change is thawing permafrost within the northern Alaskan landscape and how this dynamic can impact weather in the continuous United States far to the south. Nikki Lindt is returning to Alaska this summer to continue her study of permafrost thaw at the Toolik Field Station.

Large ink/acrylic paintings paired with sound installation create a context where permafrost thaw loops directly back to and effects our own backyard. The pieces are vibrant in color and tone, in contrast to the surreal and at times ominous aspect of the twisting and collapsing arctic landscapes. This duality within the work reflects the complicated relationship and struggle between immense destructive change due to climate change and insistent growth and adaptation.

All works are watercolor and acrylic on paper. They are either 5x7ft or 4x5ft (except for the notebook sketches which are 6x9in).